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Bensol, Inc. is, above all, an effort. As its main goal, our non-profit organization is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge about organic agriculture in order to promote a stronger, healthier, and more independent society. In our organization, principles of food, social, and environmental security are put above any prospect of monetary gain.  In times of global and local economic crisis, we rely on our most powerful resources: our land, our working hands, our knowledge and our solidarity. As a corporation, we are committed to creating a fair process to promote health and general welfare for our community.

Bensol, Inc. is entirely dedicated to protecting our common natural and human heritage: all our products are agro-ecologically and locally elaborated in Puerto Rico.

Bensol, Inc. is Antonio Rullán, Juan Carlos Samalot, Fernando Samalot, Edgardo Tormos, and many more.

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